Power Hour

A program dedicated to assisting youth in reaching their full potential by offering homework help, study help, and a dedicated space and time for getting these tasks completed. Youth members who participate in this program often raise grades and improve test scores. 

Triple Play

Health is so important in every aspect of life. This program teaches youth the importance of physical fitness and health, nutrition, emotional and spiritual health. We offer daily challenges that help our members find fun, new ways to get their bodies moving.

Think Tank

Think Tank gives members the opportunity to explore aspects of computer technology such as
coding and basic programing using the Boys and Girls Club website called

Daily Challenge

Daily Challenge is all about building a skill, whether it’s learning how to do a push-up or shoot a
basketball. The primary goal of this program is to give members a sense of accomplishment as
they overcome the challenge for that particular week.

Smart Moves

With three different sections, this program is offered to different age groups year-round. It’s value is immeasurable as it helps to teach youth life skills, making good life choices, and substance abuse prevention.

Smart Girls

A program dedicated to character development and leadership for girls. This awesome group learns about self-respect, self-esteem, friendship, relationships, and so much more that every girl needs. This program happens on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons at our Downtown site!

Passport to Manhood

Character development and leadership program for boys. Each Thursday at our Downtown site, this program teaches young men respect, character development, leadership, self-esteem, and much, much more.

Torch Club

Torch Club is a special, exclusive group for 11-14 year old members. Our downtown site hosts Torch Club meetings on Thursdays in our Teen Room where they discuss the importance of leadership and community involvement, learn character development, and actively seek ways to serve in the community.

Arts & Crafts, Fine Art

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics! Youth need the opportunities to play with these concepts and grow their minds. We offer art on Mondays, STEM on Thursdays and Fridays, and often include more opportunities for these fun programs at other times during the week. 

Bible Stories
Ultimate Journey

(outdoors, caring for our planet)

Money Matters

We are excited to be offering a new program for our older members. We recognize that there are many life skills our youth are not learning elsewhere but that they do need. Our Money Matters program helps youth learn to budget, balance checkbooks, and handle finances responsibly every Monday at 4:30.

Career Launch

(exploring career paths)

Diplomas 2 Degrees

(program for teens exploring life after graduation)

Creative Writing

Members are given a prompt such as “You are a cat meeting a human for the first time” and
encouraged to let their imaginations run wild.


Mindfulness entails learning practices that help our members become more aware of their
emotions and understand how to regulate them when they become overwhelming.


Ag. focuses on teaching members about becoming self-sustaining through learning the ends and
outs of growing their own food in addition to simply enjoying the beauty of nature. We have
grown some incredibly lovely flowers that our members absolutely adore.

Keystone Club

(similar to Torch Club but for 14-18 year olds)

Adulting 101

From changing a tire, to understanding personal safety and finances, Adulting 101 is all about
teaching life skills that our youth will need as they transition into adulthood.

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