Youth ages 6-18 are eligible for Club membership at BGCLC. A completed registration form, membership dues, and a signed handbook form are required before attendance may begin. 

The form MUST BE completed entirely before members may begin attending.

I give my consent for the Boys & Girls Club of Leflore County to use my child’s photograph for public and promotional purposes. This may be done through the organization’s brochures, video, website, media coverage, and annual campaign materials.

I authorize the Boys & Girls Club of Leflore County to take my child on all off campus field trips sponsored by the club.

I give consent for my child to participate in all programs* offered by the Boys & Girls Club of LeFlore County.

Is one or more of the child(s) parents or guardian enlisted in or a current service member of the military?

Serious health problems?

Does child take medication?

Does child have any allergies? (ex. food, medication, bees)

Our goal is to provide our members with access to technology and opportunities to learn in a fun environment. We also aim to ensure our youth are safe in their technology usage and have expectations and guidelines we expect our youth to follow. With ever-changing technology, these change often. Youth are expected to keep screens visible to staff at all times and to use these devices only in the established areas. Cyber-bullying is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. At times we will ask that all devices be put away and unused. Members are expected to respect these guidelines.

I understand that care for injuries that may occur during my child’s active participation in Boys & Girls Club of Leflore County are the responsibility of myself, my family and/or my insurance.

Discipline issues will be dealt with on an individual basis. Minor discipline issues will result in a warning to the student, if the issues continue we will inform the parent/guardian. A serious disciplinary problem is one in which a youth disrupts the fun and safety of other. This might include but is not limited to a student inflicting physical or emotional harm to another student, abusing staff, or not complying to the behavior expectations. The program has the right to suspend a child if the child is endangering him/herself, other students, or staff members.

If you prefer, you can download our membership application here, fill it in and bring it to our office.